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Our Story.

BC Solutions Group was founded by Brandon Collins, who learned and mastered all of the services we offer through years of research and experience. Brandon’s innovative vision and passion for helping others succeed led to the creation of one of the most successful marketing and digital services agencies in the US.

Our relentless focus on our clients to us helping over 100 clients and small businesses with SEO, paid advertising, merchant services, and web design. We keep our clients happy by routinely going above and beyond and delivering results that exceed expectations.

Our headquarters are located in Phoenix, AZ, serving numerous clients nationwide. Join our family and let us be your solution, at BC Solutions Group!

Results-driven Marketing


Find new clients organically and grow a foundation for tomorrow.

Web Design

Create a brand and communicate your value

Social Media Management

Create content that attracts attention and drives engagement

PPC & Social media advertising

Put your business in front of the right people today

Our Services

Full Service SEO

Get more qualified traffic on the search terms that matter most to your business. We analyze every variable that affects SERPs, from domain authority to site speed – allowing us to achieve results that matter.

Merchant Services

Maximize your visibility and reach new customers. Our approach is fully transparent, helping you to better understand the science behind search engine optimization.

Social Media Management

Most businesses online miss the true value that social media brings to the table. It can be both a lead generator and a great engagement strategy to increase brand awareness.

Web Design & Funnel Building

Get a trusted website that wins customers. Our award-winning website design team tailors your website to present your brand in the most beautiful way.

Paid Ads Management

We connect you with the right marketing automation platform and strategy and ensure that the content on your website is catered to the audiences reaching it.

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Life Insurance Solutions

Safeguard your family's future with the right life insurance policy. Let us help you navigate and find the coverage that's best for you and your family.

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